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Here are some potential usage scenarios of the systems:

Anti Terorism & Intellegence  Operations

Anti terorism & Itellegence Function

this is the core function of this system. This system has anticipated various activities of terror activists such as bombings, hijackings, various businesses to finance terrorism. Furthermore able to reveal the terrorist network to its roots.

By collaborating with various parties, this system can be used as a very powerful tool for various institutions to fight terrorism.

Search And Rescue Operations

search & rescue scenario

This Direct Finder system can also be used to locate and track down casualties when an accident occurred in a quiet remote sites or in a vast disaster area.

In many case, hikers or campers make their path or campsite are not reachable by any cellular network existed. 

This systems can do a sweep method to make an initial approximate location then use a homing device to locate a more accurate position of the target.

Border Crossing Surveillance & Monitoring

border crossing and surveilance

None of any Nations and borders worldwide are not affected by illegal activities such as  movement of people and goods. Narcotics, smuggling, trafficking and migration.


All those activities can cross air, land and sea borders. Organized criminal are increasingly developing new methods to evade detection.


With thousands of miles of borders to monitor, deploying cellular communication monitoring could be one of solutions and aid in maintaining national security and integrity.

VVIP Force Guard

vip and vvip force guard
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