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How the system works ?

To make this system fully functional, there are two things to be considered, which are technical and non-technical aspect.


Non-technical aspects includes permits, policies, rules and regulations which may differ in various places. In general, the authorized party must obtain the telephone number and location of the Cell ID from the local cellular operator for a predetermined target.

Furthermore, the technical implementation of tracking can be carried out after the authorities know the location of the target area. then the operator can determine the accurate position of the target location up to a distance of 5 meters away.

All of the non technical routines above are not needed if this system is used in the search area for disaster victims or targets in remote locations such as mountains, deserts or other disaster areas.

Monitoring Room

Work Flow

Step - 1

Preliminary Information

The authorities work with mobile operators to obtain the initial area/position of the target to be tracked based on the cellular number and IMSI code of the target's device.

Step - 2

Scanning, Populating & Locating

Once the target's IMSI code acquired, user in Cell ID area provided by the local operator scans or collects devices data connected to the local BTS (populated) and enters the target IMSI code in the search filter.

Step - 3

Finding exact location

After the target's IMSI code is found, the operator will isolate the number and send the target's IMSI code to a portable handheld tracking device which will then show the target's location based on the radio signal sent by the locked target's cell phone.

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