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Selective JAMMER

The main purpose of a cell phone jammer is to stop all cell phones in a certain area/location from being able to communicate with the cell phone tower. Although the concept is simple, the methods used to achieve this are quite complicated.

Cell phone jammers work by targeting frequencies that cell phones typically use to communicate. Cell phones use different frequencies because they send and receive signals simultaneously at all times. Cell phones can also switch between frequencies to try to find the best channel for communication. 

Selective jammers attempt to block cell phone signals by jamming only one frequency. This one single frequency jamming can trick the device into believing that there is no signal. In turn, the device will not function.

Government, Military & Security purposes 

When it comes to the government, security and military, cell phone signal jammer is a powerful tool for counter-terrorism strategies, specially for blocking cell phone  communication to disabling explosives. Stopping criminals and offensive forces from communicating among others is one of important key to reduce their and ability to making plan and other strategies.

Government & Military
Arm Force
Security Force
School Area
School Area
Church Area
Mosque Area
Church Area

Civilians, community & special purposes

When it comes to civilians, signal jammers are also very useful. As an example, some authorities could use jammers to be place in church, mosques, court room, ceremonies, conference rooms or in very important state events when using a cell phone is strictly prohibited. 

Other can also use jammers in school, libraries, museums or any quiet needed place when a cell phone will be considered as a distraction and disturbing device.


Technical Specifications :

Frequency Band

Output Power

Antenna type

Input Power Supply 

Working Temperature



Installation type

:  All Telco Bands

:  xx watts

:  xxx

:  100 - 240 VAC, built in

:  -10 C° ÷ +45 C°

:  Internal cooling fan (force air)

:  Hi Grade ABS Housing

:  Man Pack / Desktop

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